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Letter: IWV Joins Coalition Urging FDA Commissioner to Ease the Heavy-Handed Regulatory Approach to E-Vaping
May 23 2017

Letter: Nationwide Conservative Groups: Oppose Medicare Part D Rebate Proposals
May 22 2017

Letter: IWV Supports Repealing the Antiquated Alcohol Separation Act
May 18 2017

ObamaCare has failed patients with pre-existing conditions
May 18 2017

Letter: Coalition Opposes Senator Warren's crony Hearing Aid Bill
May 17 2017

The latest on ObamaCare's collapse
May 17 2017

More fearmongering on the AHCA
May 11 2017

Statement: Senate Democrats' Hearing Overlooked AHCA Protections and That ObamaCare Hurt More Americans Than it Helped
May 10 2017

No, the AHCA isn't anti-woman
May 9 2017

AHCA is a result of Americans rejection of ObamaCare • MSNBC Live
May 8 2017

Statement: Independent Women's Voice Celebrates Passage of AHCA to Rollback ObamaCare & Pave Way for Healthcare Freedom
May 4 2017

Congress, GOP's plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare is a good deal • The Hill
May 4 2017

ACT NOW: Vote YES on ObamaCare Repeal & Replace
May 4 2017

Promised Made, Promises Kept • The Washington Times
May 4 2017

The GOP messaging issue in discussing ACHA's preexisting condition coverage
May 3 2017

Reality of market investments and challenges facing millennials
May 3 2017

Hillary Clinton's cognitive dissonance will hurt Democrats and help Republicans
May 3 2017

Budget Battle on the Hill: Trump is schooling McConnell and Ryan about how to negotiate.
May 3 2017

GOP wary of spending bill but ready to push bill that's a vast improvement over ObamaCare
May 3 2017

ACT NOW: Supporting Working Families
May 2 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the Working Families Flexibility Act
May 1 2017

Trump's 100 Day Accomplishments: Good policy is better than fast policy.
April 28 2017

Healthcare Showdown: It's time Republicans highlight benefits to moderates' concerns.
April 28 2017

Statement: There is Much to Like About the Revised American Health Care Act
April 27 2017

LETTER: HB631 Coalition
April 27 2017

LETTER: USA Act Coalition
April 26 2017

LETTER: Coalition to Congress: Support the Financial CHOICE Act
April 26 2017

Trump's First 100 Days
April 25 2017

NEWS RELEASE: Chad Connelly Signs the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge
April 25 2017

Is Trump Asking For More Than He Thinks He Can Get Done? • Mornings With Maria (04.24.17)
April 24 2017

NEWS RELEASE: Tommy Pope Signs ObamaCare Repeal Pledge
April 21 2017

Healthcare Freedom for Our Veterans
April 20 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the Credit for Caring Act
April 18 2017

Health Care: An Easy Guide to What You Should Know
April 14 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the Strong Families Act
April 13 2017

Rep. DeSantis: End the Illegal Congressional ObamaCare Exemption
April 13 2017

ObamaCare's Pre-Existing Conditions Rules Don't Work
April 11 2017

ObamaCare's Pre-Existing Condition Rules Sound Nice But Don't Work • The Hill
April 10 2017

Candidate Signs Pledge To Repeal ObamaCare • Roswell Patch
April 5 2017

NEWS RELEASE: Kurt Wilson Signs ObamaCare Repeal Pledge
April 5 2017

CALL YOUR SENATORS: Vote YES to confirm Gorsuch
April 4 2017

To repeal, replace ObamaCare, GOP must reject the law's false premises • The Hill
April 4 2017

NEWS RELEASE: Bruce LeVell Signs ObamaCare Repeal Pledge
March 31 2017

End the Washington Exemption from ObamaCare
March 30 2017

Where do we go from here?
March 28 2017

After healthcare fail, 4 ways to revise conservative playbook • The Hill
March 27 2017

What does health care cost?
March 23 2017

This obscure Senate rule could let VP Mike Pence fully repeal ObamaCare once and for all • The Hill
March 22 2017

The $6,500 question on health care • USA Today
March 20 2017

Who’s Afraid of Ivanka Trump? • National Review
March 17 2017

The Next Wave of Technology
March 17 2017

Conservative Solutions to Liberal Problems • LFR on the Radio (03.11.2017)
March 16 2017

Dozen conservative groups support Obamacare repeal plan • Washington Examiner
March 16 2017

ObamaCare = real harm
March 15 2017

Open Letter to Congress: Coalition Supports American Health Care Act
March 15 2017

American Health Care Act – Not perfect, but the start we need
March 9 2017

There is a Reason for EPA Optimism
March 7 2017

ObamaCare is still hurting Americans
March 7 2017

Coverage Expansion and Pre-existing Coverage Transcript
March 7 2017

Women’s Health and Insurance Transcript
March 7 2017

Costs and Benefits Transcript
March 7 2017

GOP to Unveil Healthcare Plans But Some Conservatives Pushing Back • Coast to Coast (03.06.2017)
March 7 2017

Tell Congress to Act on Tax Reform
March 2 2017

To Repeal ObamaCare, Go Bold
February 28 2017

6 steps for Republicans to show up at their own town halls and win • The Hill
February 28 2017

GOP's Health Care Headache • Making Money (02.27.2017)
February 28 2017

To End ObamaCare, Be Bold • Wall Street Journal
February 27 2017

Repealing and Replacing ObamaCare
February 24 2017

The ObamaCare Death Spiral
February 21 2017

Uncertainty over Border Tax • Coast to Coast
February 21 2017

Trump Is a Lot Like the LBJ Whom Liberals Still Idolize • National Review
February 21 2017

Statement: Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is the Right Choice to Lead the Environmental Protection Agency
February 17 2017

ACTION ALERT: Confirm Scott Pruitt to EPA
February 16 2017

The left needs a lesson in Trump's 'metamessaging' • The Hill
February 15 2017

Tell Your Senators: Confirm Andrew Puzder
February 14 2017

Trump Follows Through on Promises, Paves the Way for Economic Growth • InsideSources
February 13 2017

Statement: Dr. Tom Price is the Right Choice to Lead the Department of Health & Human Services
February 10 2017

Tell Your Senators: Confirm Dr. Tom Price
February 9 2017

Statement: Betsy DeVos is the Right Choice to Lead the Department of Education
February 7 2017

Travel moratorium showdown • Making Money
February 7 2017

Mainstream media’s war on Trump • Making Money
February 7 2017

Tell Your Senators: Confirm Betsy DeVos
February 7 2017

Coalition Letter Urging Pro-Growth Tax Reform in 2017
February 6 2017

Why Gorsuch Should be Quietly Confirmed
February 3 2017

Great Secret of Implementing Change: Trump Cleaning House & Leaping Towards End Goal • Making Money
February 1 2017

President Trump’s Travel Ban • Good Day New York
January 30 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the nomination of Andrew Puzder as the next U.S. Secretary of Labor
January 27 2017

The President Opens the ObamaCare Escape Hatch • Wall Street Journal
January 26 2017

Why ObamaCare Must Be Repealed
January 25 2017

Trump Already Making Impact With Foreign Companies Investing In US • Making Money
January 24 2017

Reducing Regulations & Taxes --Trump Continues To Put America First • Making Money
January 24 2017

Women’s groups find little traction taking on Puzder • Politico
January 23 2017

Time for change: Obama's stale workplace regulations won't help women • Washington Examiner
January 23 2017

The Promise of President Trump • Wall Street Journal
January 20 2017

Does the Women's March on Washington Speak for You?
January 18 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the nomination of Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency
January 18 2017

Five Moves That Can Help Trump Win Big on Day One • The Fiscal Times
January 17 2017

Letter: IWV Supports the nomination of Rep. Tom Price as the next U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services
January 17 2017

Statement: House Vote Follows Senate, Paving Way To Stop ObamaCare Harms, Help Victims + More
January 13 2017

Trump: Repeal, Replace ObamaCare "Very Quickly"
January 12 2017