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Letter: 88 Conservative Groups Urge Passage of Pro-Growth Tax Reform in 2017 

by Heather Higgins

It is key that tax reform reduce rates for Americans across the board, drastically simplifies the code for families and individuals, ends the Death Tax, unrigs the system to promote a healthy economy, and implements a territorial system of taxation so businesses large and small can compete.

Statement: Sanders Doubles Down on Government-Run Health Care; Cassidy/Graham Plan Offers Different Direction

by Victoria R. Coley

If the American people wanted to see the best possible policy outcome, we would start by demanding that Congress live under the health laws it passes.

Disaster Recovery: American Style

by Ericka Andersen

Everyone who could lend a helping hand did -- and in the face of tragedy, everyday heroes emerged from the wreckage. This is the best of America and we want to celebrate that today, while also paying tribute and sending love to those affected by these horrific events.

You don’t have an exemption from ObamaCare. But Congress does.

by Hadley Heath Manning

As long ObamaCare is in place, Congress should have to abide by the law as written -- just like millions of Americans are required to do. Call the White House and tell President Trump to end the illegal Washington exemption.

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